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Account Placement and Strategy

Our collections agency analyzes and inspects our client’s debt recovery matter thoroughly and responsibly, through which we are then able to institute unyielding collection efforts as soon as an account is placed. We make sure to use appropriate collection approaches based on the precise needs of each account. Moreover, we uphold a high level of integrity to safeguard the reputation of our clients as well as their debtors and regularly inform our clients’ with transparent and precise details of our process and strategies until the entire debt is successfully recovered.

Initial Contact and Demand Letter

The initial contact of our process is initiated via phone and email, which is followed by a demand letter. In our first demand letter, we inform the debtor that Ryan & Jacobs is acting on your behalf. We advise the debtor to clear the debt that they owe you voluntarily immediately. In all our communications with debtors, we remain professional but extremely persistent. Our specific problem-solving and communication skills enable us to craft letters and communicating with the debtors to acquire accurate and precise answers and convey our discussed payment deadlines. Rest assured, getting us involved rids our clients of having to contact or worry about their debtor, as we actively follow-up with them to ensure your timely debt recovery. Saving you time and resources wasted by chasing your debtors.

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Skip Tracing

Some of your debtors may have changed their addresses, especially if you are dealing with old debt. Ryan & Jacobs’ utilize their exceptionally experienced and skilled private investigative databases to trace them, obtain current addresses, phone numbers and acquire information that allows initial contact. Our expert skip tracers are mostly involved in cases when the debtor has failed to answer or return repeated calls and emails or has been avoiding you on purpose. Our skip tracers use their exceptional skills to collect information about the subject discreetly.

Asset Investigation

Ryan & Jacobs’ conduct a keen asset investigation on our client’s debtors to establish if they have anything that can be recovered to offset what they owe you. Here, our focus is on personal effects, bank accounts, vehicles, real estate property, equipment, and other valuable assets. In cases where the judgment debtor is a business, we at Ryan & Jacobs assign our expert asset investigators to investigate the debtor’s corporate assets and revenue sources. The focus of a business investigation includes various aspects such as Business Bank Accounts, Company Benefit, Retirement and Profit-sharing plans, Tangible assets such as Real Estate, Vehicles, Financed Equipment, Aircraft and much more. Our investigators are exceptionally experienced and skilled in digging out every detail about the debtor to ensure our client’s timely and precise Commercial or Business Debt Recovery.

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Our top and significant priority is to aggressively collect every penny of debt upfront. However, if the debtor provides legit proof of financial hardship, our debt collections team will tactfully mediate between you and your debtor while being careful to maintain your professional relationship. We will facilitate efficient recovery by providing payment options or a settlement, pending your approval, only if the debtor is being honest regarding financial hardship. Ryan & Jacobs are always inclined towards our client’s final decision; however, if the debtor is absolutely unable to provide our client with the lump sum amount. Our debt relief expert, generate a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payable amount based on the debtor’s affordability to ensure quick recovery, at the approval of our client. Additionally, if in an extreme case, the debtor does not accept our proposed amount, Ryan & Jacobs’ will then help our client by taking the matter to court on our client’s behalf.


Ryan and Jacobs’ use the services of extended affiliations with licensed arbitrators and registered attorneys that are handpicked to perform effectively in litigation situations, whenever we need their intervention in our debt collection process. In case the situation escalates, Ryan & Jacobs’ enlist the services of licensed arbitrators and registered attorneys to initiate a second legal demand letter and lawsuit against the debtor. This decision is usually made while our assessment of the client, we realize that the client is being difficult without a good reason for not paying or avoiding communication. In most cases, our attorneys are contingent, but in some cases, upfront legal fees may vary. Either way, Ryan & Jacobs’ thoroughly deals with any and all litigation involvement in the debt recovery process of our clients.

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