Terms And Conditions

The Obligations of your agent

You select Ryan&Jacobs as your debt collection agent. In particular, you approve of us, and we concur, to provide debt recovery services as per this agreement.

As a service provider, we will lead phone and written requests to your debtors on your behalf.

You can also approve us to accept and recover funds on your behalf and deposit it. This will be a continuing appointment.

If debt pursuance is considered uneconomical or unethical, we may notify you in writing or else:

  • Suggest you to cease debt recovery; and
  • Put on hold or stop debt recovery services.

Every 15 days, we will pay you the recovered amount after deduction of the debt recovery fee for every recovered installment.

Ryan&Jacobs is not obliged to verify changes in the client bank account. These changes should be notified by the client immediately.

As a significant aspect of our debt collection services, we may instruct our panel of solicitors with your endorsement. We will help the solicitor and take on any administrative, legal proceeding services for the lawyer.

The lawyer may pay us for the offered services. By accepting this agreement, the client agrees and acknowledges this arrangement. You authorize us to choose the solicitor panel, and we reserve the right to make any changes if necessary.

Client Obligations

You must:

  • Not settle or in any case compromise debts without written notification to us;
  • Inform us when you get debt installment of any obligation;
  • Tell us if the debtor comes in contact with you;
  • Inform us about changes to outstanding debt balance;
  • Maintain debt records and debt repayments.


Every 15 days, we will pay you the recovered amount after deduction of the debt recovery fee for every recovered installment.

Ryan&Jacobs is not obliged to verify changes in the client bank account. These changes should be notified by the client immediately.



  • May solely use confidential information to help us in playing out our commitments under this agreement;
  • As permitted by law, it is liable to keep the information secret by all means;
  • Information may be disclosed as permitted by law.

The application of the clause may cease if the information is not confidential.

Limitation of Liability

As permitted by law, our obligations and liability towards you are limited:

  • For every debt, the fee payable or paid by the client for debt collection services; and
  • For breach of any warranty or condition implied by law; also, the cost of supplying is caused by the violation.


With a 30-day written notice, either of the parties may dissolve this agreement.

On termination, we are not liable for further obligations under this agreement other than those predefined in the provision.

After termination, we will:

  1. Return all confidential information requested in writing, within 30 days of request receipt, if you pay the cost of restoring the information; and
  2. Carry out our service as mentioned above obligations as if the termination date were the last day of the present month when the termination notice was moved;

Clients are liable to comply will tax invoices clause during and after contract termination.

This arrangement is a proceeding appointment and will naturally terminate after five years from the appointment date except if dissolved by you, whichever comes first or us.

Entire Agreement

This understanding comprises the entire agreement between us comparable to its subject matter. No provision, arrangement, or understanding, not explicitly set out stuck this understanding, will bind either party. As needs are, all correspondence, dealings, communications, and negotiations between the parties on the subject matter of the agreement, which may precede or supersede are merged within the contract.

Name or Trading Style Changes

You consent to immediately tell us if you change your trading style, name, or ownership as formally specified in the agreement.


The failure by either party to enforce our rights, remedies, or powers as per this agreement will not comprise a waiver of those elements; it may also not influence our privileges to implement those elements.

As per this agreement, any partial or single exercise of right, remedy, or power does not preclude any other such elements in the future.


Suppose any arrangements of this agreement are unenforceable, invalid, or prohibited. In that case, that arrangement will, regarding that jurisdiction, be ineffectual to the degree of the prohibition, unenforceability, or invalidity without discrediting the rest of the structures of this agreement or influencing the legitimacy or enforceability of that provision in other jurisdictions.

Governing Law

The law governs this agreement in force in (AREA).


In this agreement, any information about a person should remain confidential by either party and comply with the country’s Privacy Act. You may ask for our privacy policy at any time. The personal information will be used for:

  • To keep you aware of the improvements in the matters we are dealing on your behalf;
  • To pay the recovered amount;
  • To inform the client about new products or services.

Information provided by your service provider shall remain confidential by all means. It is advised that the Privacy Acts of the state are appropriately understood by the clients to thwart any instances of future confusion.